Monday, January 21, 2008

Bannister Plans

I came across this article from The Call while looking around the KCrag Forums. The article is a rehash of a lot of the information that's been out there already about Richard Tolbert's attempts to stop the redevelopment of the area. Still there are a few things from the article I want to touch on.

The first goes back to a quote from Councilman John Sharp during the rally. The article gives tells us that of the 5 main members of the "Save Bannister Mall" group, only 1 of them lives in the area around the mall. So 4 of them get to go home to a different part of town and not see the eyesore of a mall and all that comes with it at night. While the majority of those in the area, that do have to live with it, are for this redevelopment, for a second chance at making the area thrive again.

Tolbert continues to bait the race issue on this topic saying basically that the black leaders of the area are folding to the pressure of the white developer. Tolbert says "A better road to prosperity is through a nice black mall, over a white soccer stadium." Yet as is pointed out by Sharp in the article, and seen during the rally, it's not just whites in the area that are for it. It's all races, the blight of the area is driving both white and black people away from the area, which can be seen by the housing costs which have been falling steadily for years, even before the recent housing market collapse. Many of the black people in the area don't seem to think of this as a "gold mine" for the black community.

We also get to see what Tolbert and his friends have planned for the mall. The group wants to get a $25 million TIF for the mall. With that TIF they plan to do four major things with the area.
• Repave the parking lot.
• Update the plumbing.
• Add aesthetic imp-rovements inside the mall including “nice skylights.”
• And, add security features including a security fence surrounding the property, armed security guards and metal detectors.
Can't you just see people flocking to a mall that has a security fence, armed security guards, and metal detectors in it? Would this be a mall or a prison? How is creating almost a police state around the mall suppose to make the area a vibrant area to go to again? All of that stuff is just like finger in a damn. It may work for a short while, but pretty soon it's going to break down. The best thing is to just start over with this area.

In regards to the metal detectors, I refer you to the immortal words of Chris Rock, in his song No Sex (in the Champaign Room), "Don't go to parties with metal detectors. Sure it fells safe inside,but what about all those niggas waiting outside with guns. They know you ain't got one. "


Unknown said...

So let me get this streight this New Soccer stadium will NOT have a security fence, armed security guards, and metal detectors???? On the off seasin I will have free accesto use the bathroom in the staduim?
Or are you implying that Arrowhead, The K, T-Bones Stadium, & Kansas Speedway are "Prisons"???

I'd like to see Kansas city host the 2020 Summer Olympics, Having a wolrd Class soccer stadium will bring us one more step closer.

However engaging in this shit will not do it.

I just looked at the proposed plan.
The Petitioners ARE Correct there is room for BOTH. The area where the Shopping district is the SAMe size as the stadium as is the tournement fields. you all ready have a building for shopping...

Considering the size of the plan they should DROP the office complexes & put in another couple of stadiums?

We need an olympic class swimming center that can be used by the community year round.

The Wizards stadium could be dual use for Soccer AND Tennis. I think we sould ALL step back on this & think "What can we have in place by
the time biding starts for the 2020 Games?"

Maybe a beeter plan than this needs consideration.

Anonymous said...

You're thoughts would be considered more seriously if your spelling and grammar wasn't so bad reb.

I can't speak for the author, but I totally expect there to be no metal detectors, and the only armed guards would be Jackson County sheriffs on game day. Show me a single metal detector at Community America, Arrowhead, the K, or the Speedway. I've been to all of them and never seen a single one. And the only armed guards have been the sheriffs.

Show me any other mall in any other city that has those things surrounding it. I'm betting you can't find one that is doing well.

There is space, but the mall is pretty much beyond repair both structurally and psychologically. Major chains are not going to be interested in coming back to the area without major redevelopment?

And the Olympics? You have to be kidding, KC doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of hosting the Olympics.