Friday, January 25, 2008

Anyone Getting Goosebumps?

I'm already loving the new Hillcrest Road blog the team has put together. Late last night, we got our first write up from Wizards president, Robb Heineman. The post is all about the new stadium and some of the stuff that is going on right now. He's meeting today with Architecture 360 today to discuss the seating bowl and some suites. They also should have 6 bids on the roof of the stadium that they have to decide on. Once that's done, they'll be releasing renderings. Personally all this has me pumped up to see them.

Heineman then discusses the Cauldron and it's potential location on the south side of the stadium, where they're looking to create a "cave-like" structure to help create more sound from the Cauldron. That sounds just amazing, and I can't wait to be a part of it. Finally, Heineman talks about the plans developing for an English pub just south of the stadium, that I assume will want to be the pre and post game hangout location of the Cauldron along with all other fans. It's about time KC got a really good English pub. One that will open early on Saturday's and Sunday's to allow for people to come in and view EPL games. A place willing to drop the money on PPV for big time European qualifying games, and for things like the FA Cup Final. The Embassy Bistro is great, and McCoy's looks to be wanting to come along, but I would hope that this place would become just THE place to watch soccer on TV.

All these ideas starting to come together just have me incredibly psyched for this thing to be built.

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