Friday, January 04, 2008

Eddie Johnson Transfer News of the Day

Yesterday was a quiet day on the Eddie Johnson transfer rumor front. Today, though, we see two new stories about possible destinations for the Wizards striker.

The first, is from Portugal, where Benfica look to be mounting a 3 million euros bid for Johnson to partner him with Freddy Adu. The article has quotes from Eddie's agent saying that it would be a good fit for Johnson because his friend Freddy is playing there. The other interesting part of the article is where it discusses the other clubs interested in Johnson. Included in the list are the already known Middlesbrough and Reading. But also included is a team I never thought I'd see in the running for Johnson, Liverpool. I honestly don't see that as being a logical choice for Johnson to go to. Benfica on the other hand I think would be a good move for Johnson. The league had denied a move by Benfica to land Johnson back in 2005, but I think moving there now would be a good move for the striker.

The second piece of Johnson transfer news comes from soccer365. It's saying that Paul Jewell and Derby County are ready to put down an MLS record transfer fee for Johnson. The MLS transfer record is $4,000,000 which Fulham paid for Clint Dempsey. But according to the article, Derby are ready to smash that to gain Johnson's services. I still don't think Derby is the best move for Johnson. Derby is all but down in the Championship at this point, and the lack of confidence that Johnson would develop due to Derby's likely poor play will cause trouble for him with the club.

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Anonymous said...

Eddie is a punk and will likely screw up wherever he goes. He might as well cash in now while he can.