Sunday, January 27, 2008

Marinelli and Trujillo News

Looks like there is yet another place to get Wizards news now this season. Brad Porter of Metro Sports is doing a Wizards related blog now. He has some interesting Wizards news in one of his posts today.

Porter confirms the news that I posted last week, that the deal to bring Iván Trujillo to Kansas City is in principal done. What Porter has, though, is news on Trujillo's status. Trujillo has to wait to receive his P-1 visa and his International Trade Card (ITC). The ITC is basically a license to play pro soccer here in the states. It must be signed by MLS, the Wizards, and the Colombian officials before it is issued. Porter says getting these will take 2-3 weeks, meaning Trujillo will likely join the team late in their training in Florida if all goes as it should.

As for the other news. It's been known that Carlos Marinelli signed a new contract with Kansas City. What wasn't known, is that Marinelli has to obtain another work permit/visa to play in the US again. Not sure how this all works out, but hopefully this process works out fast so that Marinelli doesn't miss any time with the team. Marinelli needs to have a healthy season, and getting in the entirety of preseason will most certainly help.

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