Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Trujillo Rumors Continue

The rumors of Colombian striker, Iván Trujillo are continuing to build steam. Today in the Star, we learned that the rumor is more then just rampant agent talk from Colombia about Trujillo. From Onalfo's quote in the paper: "He’s a player we believe can do very well in this league and be a very effective goal scorer for us," the Wizards coach seems to be pretty high on the striker adding fuel to the flame that he is on his way to KC.

On top of that, comes this news from The site says that Trujillo is very likely on his way to Kansas City and will be leaving for the US on February 1st. From his quote in the article, Trujillo seems to be high on the league and what it has. But one has to worry that he already has one eye on another move to Europe, with the way he talks about MLS as a place where players can make their way directly to Europe.

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