Monday, January 10, 2011

More Roster Movement

Today while speaking with Andrew Wiebe from, Peter Vermes gave us a bit of insight into what is currently going on with the roster for Sporting KC next year. Some of it we've heard previously from Thad's interviews with the SKC coach, but we did get some new news as well.

First for the news we've kind of already heard and been told. Zoltan Hercegfalvi, at this time is not expected to be back with the team at this time. Hercegfalvi has returned to Hungary, but while Vermes hasn't ruled out bringing him back, as of this time he will not be back right now. With regards to Michael Harrington, Vermes still says that the team is close to signing him to a new contract and that the ball is in Harrington and his agent's court. Also along with Thad's previous conversation with Vermes, the signing of Luke Sassano is only a formality at this point it appears. Vermes also discusses Ryan Smith's status again saying that Smith is very close to moving off the international player list.

Onto some of the new information. Two more internationals appear like they won't be back next year either. Vermes confirms that Nikos Kounenakis will not be returning to KC next season after being brought over late last year and not making a single appearance.

The other player unlikely to return is Indian forward, Sunil Chhetri. Vermes says an announcement on Chhetri's status will be made in the next few weeks. I'd likely expect this announcement to come some time shortly after India's exit from the AFC Asian Cup which kicked off today. Maybe the team will let him out of his contract to let him sign with Australian side Perth Glory as was rumored.

With Hercegfalvi, Kounenakis, and potentially Chhetri gone from KC, KC will have 3 international slots open up. Four if/when Smith gets his citizenship/green card. That would potentially open slots for Sheldon Bateau and Daneil Cyrus, the two Trinidad and Tobago players who will join the team for a trial starting on the 24th. With a few internationals in the draft on Thursday as well, one of them could be a target too. Once again the team appears set to be making a quite a few moves this offseason.


Drew Farmer said...

Would KC be stupid enough to take John Rooney? Which could be a massive PR move for five minutes before it blows up in someone's face. I think KC should trade down and get some experienced MLS defenders and take lower draft players that will hopefully be signed and go into the reserves to get up to speed. It's not a rebuilding year for KC, but a building year.

Dan said...

Everything I've read about the draft is that it's a very thin draft so trading down would be incredibly stupid.

Reepicheep said...

Gambia? Trindidad?

Time is running short to get MLS proven defenders.

Anonymous said...

what MLS proven defender are we going to get? Without bringing in other players into the league you eventually run out of proven MLS defenders.