Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Great Snowball Fight 2011

It looked like an absolutely amazing time today out by the Kansas City Repertory Theatre as Kei Kamara's want to have a snowball fight was realized. A decent crowd turned out for the event and plenty of photos were taken. Afterward the group hit up Kamara's favorite restaurant, Chipotle, which had offered to give some free lunches. Kamara ended up picking up the rest so all the people at the event got a free Chipotle lunch. I'm disappointed that I had to miss it from the sledding to the snow soccer to the snowball fight, to the free Sporting KC swag, to the lunch it sounded like a great day and a great PR deal for SKC that they didn't have a whole lot in getting started. The entire event was started by Kamara and SKC fans which makes the thing that much greater.

As I said last night on Twitter, things like this are one of the reasons I love MLS. You wouldn't see Chiefs players doing this, you're likely not going to see Royals players do this. It's one of those things that makes you proud to be a fan. It's cliche, but you still see a lot of pro athletes who seem to act above the average fan and seeing players come out and have fun with fans on their own free will is great. If you check out the group pictures there look to be a few kids out there as well, how cool is it for them that they can say they got to have a snowball fight with some Sporting KC players? And MLS players in KC have done this in the past, James in a great post today mentioned some of them, I'll include two more, Kevin Hartman buying a keg for the Cauldron tailgate to celebrate his birthday (he did the same thing in LA), and Jimmy Conrad's relationship with fans. The later really stuck out to me at Conrad's going away party, it'd been a good couple months since I'd been out to practice or even talked to Conrad directly but when I came up to say hi he immediately shook my name and knew my name like it'd only been a day since we talked. And he did that for much of the night with many of the people that were there. I struggle to see any of these things that James or myself said being done by some other athletes from other leagues. I especially struggle to see them doing stuff like what Kamara, Matt Besler, Michael Harrington, and Jon Kempin did today. A big thank you to all of them. Check out the video from SKC below.

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Anonymous said...

looks like it was a lot of fun. i wish i could have made it!

on a side note, please keep refering to the team as skc wizards :)
i liked that compromise