Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Some of My Random Questions Answered

So earlier this week I posted some random questions that I had about SKC as we were at a slow point in the offseason. Well today, Thad over at The Back Post in an interview with Peter Vermes answered some of those questions at least in part for me.

First in regards to Luke Sassano, Vermes said that the team is very close to signing Sassano, saying it's "more just a formality of sending something to the league." So it looks like Sassano will be in SKC blue next season.

With regards to Michael Harrington, Vermes says they are "kind of close" and that Harrington and his agent "need to make a decision on one last piece," so it sounds like it's pretty close, but things can definitely change so it's something to keep an eye on, but it sounds like one of KC's best players last season will be back in 2011.

About the draft, Vermes discusses draft for need vs best available, and also makes a comment about mock draft and how it's really hard to predict, especially in soccer where people creating mock drafts don't really know what free agent or foreign signings the team is looking at.

The other really interest part of the interview was Vermes' comments on Ryan Smith. Vermes said that Smith is getting very close to his citizen, he is apparently only one piece of his case away. Not only would that free up an international spot for the Wizards to use on another potential player, but it would also allow Smith to represent the US in international play.


Anonymous said...

Did he mention a #10??? Thats all you need, to dominate this league, Morales, Ferriara, Schellotto, the best wizards player of all time Preki. You know why Spain won the world cup and the Euro becuase they hae the best #10/playmaker in the world in Xavi, that can control the game like no one else. Why Inter won the Champs league, #10, Wesley Sniejder. If you want to control the game of soccer you need a #10, it doesnt have to be a dp, as Morales, Ferriara and Schelloto, Derosario with Houston, initaily werent but you do need one to succeed.

Drew Farmer said...

To be fair, yes Xavi and Sniejder are worldclass. But they're not the sole reason those teams one the cups. Tactics for one are the reason. Without the counterattacking tactics Inter would have had no chance to win the Euro Cup. Also, the goals of Samuel E'to is what got them through the quarterfinals against Chelsea. Meanwhile, Casillas' goalkeeping prevented the Dutch from winning and the goals of David Villa got them there. Yes, in MLS a #10 goes a long way. But a #10 in Europe is only a piece of the puzzle

DAn said...

Anon you're getting really annoying with continued badgering in the comments like this. You didn't respond to my previous comment about Colorado winning MLS Cup, who was their number 10?

Reepicheep said...

I think Anon isn't all together out to lunch on this point. Of course a worldclass #10 would make a huge impact.

Dan also raises a good point in that MLS has had several champions who lacked such #10 players.

In fairness, however, all teams that compile a good record and do well in the playoffs have a solid MIDDLE. This starts from the back line and moves on up. Colorado had a solid center combo in Mastroeni and Larentowicz, more solid than people give credit. Having said that, they also had Casey and Cummins.

MLS, due to it's lower level status among world leagues, simply doesn't attract #10 players of the caliber you speak. Those players play elsewhere. Ferriara worked out great, but that was a fluke to some degree. That doesn't happen often. Scheollotto and Blanco (and Denilson) are the kind of #10's we'll get in MLS, some will work, most will not because they're old or will only play a year or two.

Now, as for the Wizards, we have no dominant Central defender(s) and no dominant central midfielder (s), with no disrespect to Davy. Auvray looked like the DCM answer, but played poorly at the end of the season. On top I like what we've got- Kamara, Bravo, and Bunbury, but who's going to feed them well?

I say we've got major problems next year with the current line up.