Wednesday, January 05, 2011

KC Returning to Arizona for Preseason

As has been assumed for a while and mentioned in previous interviews, the SKC Wizards officially announced today they will be returning to the Reach 11 Complex for the second straight year for preseason. The team will begin preseason only 19 days from now on January 24th with entry physicals and will be beginning preseason in KC. The team will train in KC from the 25th to the 28th. The team will depart for Arizona on the 31st. The team will train in Arizona until February 16th when they return to KC. The team will spend a little less than a week in KC before returning to Arizona on the 21st. They'll remain in Arizona training until March 14th, 5 days before the season opener against against Chivas in LA. So it looks like there will be no send off friendly in KC for fans to catch before the opener against Chivas this year. Kind of disappointing, but maybe the team will have a game that Saturday that they're in KC in February or something.

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