Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Open Tryouts Return

Sporting Kansas City will be hosting open tryouts again this year out at the team's Swope Park training complex March 12th and 13th. Cost this year is $200 and is open to the first 300 people that register for the tryouts. As with previous years the finalists will be invited to train with the first team. Only the first year of tryouts with Kevin Souter and Nelson Pizarro were players signed from the open tryouts, but with the expansion of the rosters again this year this could possibly be a good opportunity for one or more players from the open tryouts if they impress.

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Reepicheep said...

Well, I'm 39, just had knee reconstruction (due to a soccer injury), and have never played defense...nevertheless, with our current centerbacks, I have as much a shot as to come up with the $200.