Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hold Off on Those All Star Game Plans

Yesterday the rumor of the MLS All Star game being in KC resurfaced and there was a bit of skepticism mixed with excitement for the potential of seeing Barcelona at KC's soccer stadium. But as the day wore on we got a little more information. Specifically from the Star and from Robb Heineman himself. Gooch at the Star checked with KC's PR department and they were as surprised by the rumor as most of us were, not knowing Steve Davis' source on the story. Later in the evening on Bigsoccer, Heineman posted to not waste too much time on it, yet. That certainly seems to point to a little bit of truth behind the rumor, but that it's still no where near as close as Davis makes it out to be.

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Unknown said...

I read the article yesterday and it sounded cool. Although now I guess its a bit of a downer that it may not be entirely true. I'd love to see the MLS All-Star game in KC when their new stadium complex is completed.