Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Roster Look

Preseason for KC starts tomorrow with entry physicals and there's certainly a lot to be decided with the expansion of the rosters and the spots that have opened up as well. With it only a day away I figured I'd take a quick look at the roster as it is now, the trialists and the draft picks, broken down by positions.

Signed: Jimmy Nielsen, Eric Kronberg, Jon Kempin.
Out: None

Unlike last year when there were a lot of keepers in camp I don't think there are going to be many if any in camp other than those 3 this year. Nielsen is still the starter with Kronberg and Kempin likely to trade time with the reserve league.

Signed: Matt Besler, Michael Harrington, Roger Espinoza, Shavar Thomas, Korede Aiyegbusi, Chance Myers.
Drafted: JT Murray, Mike Jones
Trialist: La Liga back/Julio Cesar Santos, Daneil Cyrus, Sheldon Bateau, Omar Colley
Out: Jimmy Conrad, Aaron Hohlbein, Jonathan Leathers, Nikos Kounenakis

Lots of movement out of this group this offseason, but so far there hasn't been a lot of movement in. The biggest move so far is the re-signing of Harrington. Currently the starters would be Harrington, Thomas, Besler, and Espinoza. This area promises to have a few trialists coming in, if the La Liga back Heineman tweeted about and Santos are the same player, that's one of a few that also includes youth internationals from Trinidad and Gambia. Murray will come in and compete to be Espinoza's cover with Aiyegbusi. Jones is a center back or wingback potentially and would provide cover and get reserve league minutes should he make the team. There are certainly to be more trialists in this part off the field.

Signed: Davy Arnaud, Stephane Auvray, Craig Rocastle, Jack Jewsbury, Birahim Diop, Graham Zusi, Luke Sassano.
Drafted: Michel Mravec, Sam Scales, Konrad Warzycha
Trialist: European Max salary attacking midfielder
Out: Jamar Beasley

Less movement in this section, the only player gone is Beasley. Right now the starting lineup appears the same as it was last year to end the season for KC with Arnaud, Auvray, and Rocastle. There will need to be some cover here this season, especially at the defensive midfield position, where both Auvray and Rocastle both appear likely to miss time at the Gold Cup. Mravec has his foreign status working against him, but that might not slow KC down. Warzycha played in center back the final day of the combine and could find himself there in the professional league as well. The attacking midfielder is the only known trialist at this time, but the idea of it is certainly exciting.

Signed: Kei Kamara, Omar Bravo, Ryan Smith, Teal Bunbury
Drafted: CJ Sapong
Potential returners: Zoltan Hercegfalvi, Sunil Chhetri
Out: Josh Wolff, Zoltan Hercegfalvi, Sunil Chhetri

The starting 3 up top for KC looks to be very good, there are 4 potential starters right now for KC, as all 4 players currently under contract could start for KC. Sapong will provide cover if/when Bunbury is called up for the Gold Cup, and could see other minutes along the way. Hercegfalvi and Chhetri could potentially be back, of the two Hercegfalvi seems the most likely and even that I wouldn't put money on. I could see KC bringing in 1-2 low salary players to help fill the roster and provide cover for KC on the front line.


Reepicheep said...

1. The CB's terrify me at this point. Besler is not ready to be an every game CB. Thomas is average. I hope some of the trialists work out. jj

2. Desperately need an attacking mid to work out.

3. The forwards should be exciting, but offense starts from the defense. See point 1....and point 2.


Anonymous said...

Has there ever been an official announcement on Chetri? Do we know if he will show up for training camp?

Ron Bishop said...

I see Diop as filling in a Peter Crouch type role for SKC. he may not start often, but he will be a good target up front when needed.

I don't recall him playing midfield last season.

Zoltan and Chetri won't be back.

Drew Farmer said...

Definitely need some better defenders, but if they well with pressing from the top with the forwards and midfield that will take pressure of the back four. I think the backline is the only part that needs a lot of work. I don't think the attacking midfielder is as important as other say. 3 defensive minded midfielders to take pressure off the back and then start the counter. If playing an altered 4-3-3, Bravo could sit deeper and the two wings could come narrow and Bravo would be more of a creator.

Anonymous said...

You're missing Kevin Ellis on Defense.

He will make the team and play in the reserve league.

Mike said...

I posted this before it was known that Ellis was training with the team for preseason.