Monday, January 03, 2011

Some Random Questions

There's not been a whole lot of real interesting news lately involving KC and with that news there's a few questions that have been in my mind, so here's some random questions.

Is KC going to sign Luke Sassano?
The Wizards traded for his rights from LA, but there's been next to no word about what's going on with him. Lots of teams are starting to sign their players from the re-entry draft, including Tyrone Marshall with Colorado and KC pick Frankie Hejduk with LA, while New England appear closer to signing Fred to a contract. Others, like Jeff Cunningham, have already made their intentions to move abroad known. Meanwhile there's been next to nothing with regards to what's happening with Sassano. No word from the team, no word from anywhere else in the world that I've found about potential trials. The question is whether Sassano will be in Sporting blue next season or not.

What's going on with Michael Harrington?
We've heard that KC is waiting to hear back from Harrington and his agent, but that was a few weeks ago, since then there's been really nothing on the topic, the same deal as Sassano. No new word from the team, and again nothing that I've been able to find around the world about potential trials for Harrington either. I know KC definitely wants Harrington back, but the lack of news lack the lack of news on Sassano is a little worrisome about either of their playing for KC next season.

Where are the rumors on potential signings?
It seems like there are rumors of potential signings for most teams around the league with names being named for those players. KC though hasn't been one of those, other than the rumors from late November and early December involving Julien Rodriguez and Aurelien Collin, there's really been nothing regarding potential signings for KC. We know that KC is looking at numerous players based off of comments by Robb Heineman and Peter Vermes, but we've heard nothing of the names of those players. It's one thing to say we're looking at players but without names or hard evidence it's just talk.

Where should KC go with their first round pick?
This one isn't that big of a question in my opinion, because as things stand now, KC needs to get a central defender. There are two in the drop that could be available and worth grabbing at the number 10 spot, either Cal's AJ Soares or UNC's Jalil Anibaba would be solid selections at that spot, but the way I think the team should go with this pick could change depending on any potential signings that come in before the draft takes place next Thursday.

Is anyone else ready for the start of the season?
Christmas is over and things are slow for KC right now news wise, which means I'm begging for the season to start. I'm ready to get out and cheer on the SKC Wizards and I really can't wait until June and the opener of our new home, but I'll take March 19th and my trip to LA for the season opener against Chivas.


Anonymous said...

Remember when kansas city drafted Chance Myers as the number one oerall pick in the mls draft instead of Brek Shea.Hows that working out for you guys...says to self as a kansas city wiz fan.

Drew Farmer said...

The draft is a crap shoot. Trade down and get some established MLS talent instead. Several reasons could be attributed to Chance Myers not working out. He hasn't gotten a lot of time in the first team and with no reserve league he has suffered. He played at the college level, which I'm sorry, but doesn't develop players like the new academy systems do. You can't develop players if you're placing them in a system and your goal is to win. However, in an academy your goal is to make young players better for the future in the first team. Myers also could have just peaked early on and now on a more level playing field talent wise he can't compete.

Dan said...

Anon, and Shea was a raw 17 year old when he was drafted. People would have been pissed if we'd spent our first round pick (after trading Nick Garcia) on a raw 17 year old that wasn't going to really contribute for 3 years. Revisionist history at it's finest.

The 2008 draft was incredibly weak, Shea only now is starting to develop, Beltran is a spot starter, Franklin has been the only sure fire starter selected between Myers and Espinoza.

Yeah Drew let's trade our pick where we can continue to get younger for some over rated player already in the league, that's a smart move...

Ron Bishop said...

It can be frustrating as a fan, but SKC doesn't announce things until they are done deals.

They like to tease to generate free interest. But in interviews I've seen, Heineman; Vermes, etc; they stay on message and only release "real" news when they are ready.

I'm cool with that. The extra drama can be distracting. Just bring the entertaining soccer, please:)