Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Preseason Matches

Players report just 5 days from now for the beginning of preseason, and while some are already in town and planning events for tomorrow's snow day, pretty soon it will be back to business for KC. Today the team announced 6 preseason games that the team will have down in Arizona during their preseason. Their first preseason game is February 5th against the Crew. They then play the Rapids on the 12th, the Dynamo on the 15th, Portland on the 26th, on March 4th they play the Arizona Sahuaros, and the Red Bulls on the 5th. All the games are in Phoenix, except the last two which are in Tucson. There is also the continued talk of the friendly against Chivas as part of the Omar Bravo deal. According to Andrew Weibe in an interview, Peter Vermes confirmed that they'd play with Bravo playing a half for each team. The team though later told Weibe that it wasn't official yet. But if Vermes is confirming it, it certainly looks likely to be happening.


AZ fan said...

do you know if these games are open to the public? I went to one of their preseason "games" in AZ last year (or maybe it was the year before). It was hard to find out any information about the time and location of the game. It was much more a very informal scrimmage than a game. They played san jose. They played three "halves".

Mike said...

I'd expect some of them to be open to the public, maybe not all.

These games are all basically just supposed to be informal scrimmages, the coaches use the games as a way to look at trialists and drafted players that are trying to make the roster. You shouldn't really expect much more than that out of these games.

Drew Farmer said...

Man United did the same type of friendly against Chivas last season when they signed Chicarito.