Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Supplemental Draft Today

Today is the second half of the MLS draft, with the Supplemental draft taking place. KC owns 3 picks in the draft, the 10th, 28th, and 46th. This is a chance for MLS teams to build their depth with the return of the reserve league. The reserve league returning this year is the reason we see the return of the supplemental draft. The collective bargaining agreement did not allow the supplemental draft without the reserve league. So that's how we find ourselves with a second draft today at 1pm CST. At this point some players will have not been at the combine, but there is still some talent out there. A lot of those players are internationals that fell due to their international status, guys like Michael Boxall and Daniel Keat.


Drew Farmer said...

I'd rather see some of the homegrown/youth players in the reserve matches. Atleast LA can't put front office staff in the matches, though that would have bee awesome if you'd been one of them that got to play.

Anonymous said...

You'll see Kevin Ellis from Oak Park High School and Barton County
CC this year playing in the reserve games.

I also thought Coady Andrews from UMKC was going to be at training camp on Monday. But he justed signed with the Comets, so I don't know what changed.