Monday, February 22, 2010

More Roster Movement for KC

Along with the acquisition of Luis Gil today, KC has made more roster moves. Two trialists are gone from camp, and two rostered players are also gone as there are less and less players from the 2009 Wizards. First, Kurt Morsink and Kevin Souter are gone from the Wizards. Neither one is much of a surprise as both appeared to be on their way out as KC brought in more players, specifically Souter who takes up an international spot that the Wizards appear to be using fully this season.

Most Wizards fans won't shed a tear for Morsink as many people were not fans of him as a player. Especially after his rookie year when Curt Onalfo started more than many people thought he should have. In his second year, Morsink had some brighter moments, including a 2 assist game against Columbus that led to him winning the Down the Byline player of the month in July. But this past season, Morsink didn't get much playing time at all starting only 2 games, playing in a total of 5 games.

Souter on the other hand seemed to have quite a few more fans. I think it was because of the underdog factor that came along with making the team through the open tryouts. He became a consistent contributor on the field late in the 2008 season. Souter, like Morsink, didn't play much in the 2009 season, missing most of it due to one injury or another. Both are likely to catch on with another team somewhere. Souter could easily make it in the NASL/USL or go back to Scotland. The same for Morsink, just replace Scotland with Costa Rica.

As for the trialists that are no longer in camp, they are Nelson Pizarro and Alex Horwath. Pizarro, another open tryout participant had come back to the Wizards this year and had been impressive at times from what I'd heard, but had not done enough to earn a roster spot. Horwath had trained with the Wizards last year as a member of the Brass. Horwath was likely competing for the back up goalkeeper position, but with the re-signing of Eric Kronberg it seemed unlikely Horwath would be kept much longer.

While four players are out of camp, a new player has been brought in. Added to the Wizards preseason roster was Iranian defender Shahriar Dastan. There isn't much out there on him, although his name appears in this break down for the 2001-2002 Iranian season playing for Peykan Tehran. He's another defender, giving KC 5 players that can play central defense in camp. He's the only new player currently added to the team's preseason roster as they return to Arizona for the second leg of their preseason.


bstoeff said...

Can we hire on Souter for our TV announcer, I thought he did a fantastic job when he was on the mic last season.

MOUFWASH said...

C. Lopez is gone as well, i cant log onto bigsoccer cuz i left it open at home :(

Anonymous said...

believe me Souter had a lot more fans than realized. Im turning in my season tickets and I am sure lots of Graceland alumns will too!

Losing Hartman and getting an international goalkeeper does not help either!

WIzards losing...
Vermes doing poorly...
Vermes quitting as a coach to "focus" on technical director...
Assistant takes over, gets fired
Vermes is back to his old job which he was already doing crappy at