Monday, February 22, 2010

Wizards to Play AC St. Louis April 3rd

Over the weekend, I posted an updated schedule of preseason games the Wizards would be playing and speculating that the Wizards would play AC St. Louis on the April 3rd date that had TBA listed on it. According to a poster on Bigsoccer today, AC St. Louis sent out an email to fans confirming my thought saying the Wizards will be in St. Louis April 3rd. Although the particulars have not been announced yet, I've heard rumors that the game will be an afternoon game, making it a fantastic day trip road trip for KC fans to make and enjoy their team take on the team from across the state. This is a chance for those people that whine about the 8 hour road trips to go and see their team with a short road trip.

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Ron Bishop said...

Very cool if this happens. I imagine the Wizards will make tickets available for Wizards fans/season ticket holders to purchase.