Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update to Stadium Post Today

After making my post this morning about the downsize in the Wizards new stadium to 16,500, I was informed that all the information in the report was not correct. I was informed by a source that capacity for soccer will still be +/-18,000 and there will be able to expand temporarily by a couple thousand for big matches there. I've also been told that the design will allow for permanent expansion of 7,000 seats. As for where the 16,500 in the report came from, I'm told that the number in the report did not include things like suites and other premium seats in the numbers. So there's a better of idea what's going on with the stadium and the difference from the report earlier today.

In other stadium news, the first piers at the stadium site were drilled out in Wyandotte County. Definitely a good step, one step further than we saw out at the Bannister site where we just saw demolition of the old mall. I'm still not ready to jump for joy until concrete starts getting poured for the actual part of the stadium, but this is a very big step.

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