Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wizards Drop Preseason Game to San Jose

The Wizards closed out the first leg of their preseason camp in Arizona today with a 1-0 loss to San Jose. KC will now be heading back to KC for a few days before heading back to Arizona for the rest of preseason. Today's game featured 3-45 minute periods, with the Wizards making a lot of changes between each period. The Earthquakes goal came early in the first period off a header from their new signing Eduardo. From tweets by both the Wizards and San Jose, it appears the game was back and forth, although San Jose appears to have had the better of play in the first two periods. The third period for KC featured many of the players you'd expect to see starting opening day and that team produced more chances, but still could not find the net.

From reading the tweets, the worry for Wizards fans is the mention of an injury to first round draft pick, Teal Bunbury. Let's hope the substitution in the first period was just a precautionary measure. A couple things I noticed from the information the team put out today, first the goalkeepers for all 3 periods. There was no Louis Crayton or Ian Walker, now that could be by design, but I'm guessing they're likely gone from camp with the signing of Jimmy Nielsen. If true, the three keepers today (trialist GK Hannigan who I assume is Patrick Hannigan, Boris Pardo, Alex Horwath and potentially Eric Kronberg) are all likely fighting to be Nielsen's back up. The other player missing from the lineups today, was Stephane Auvray, although his absence right now doesn't really worry me.

With the team returning to KC, I have a feeling we'll see a few more moves made, I think a few people will be let go this week and the team will return to Arizona a few players lighter for their final 4 preseason games down there.

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