Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Preseason Camp Roster

Thad at The Back Post and myself have posted on this, but today the team has posted an official preseason camp roster. Missing from the list are the Wizards 3 remaining out of contract players, Kevin Hartman, Eric Kronberg, and Claudio Lopez. And the further along we get the less likely I feel that any of these 3 players will be back with the Wizards for the 2010 season. Here is the Wizards official preseason camp roster, broke down by position.

Goalkeeper: Louis Crayton, Alex Horwath, Boris Pardo, Ian Walker
Korede Aiyegbusi, Matt Besler, Nick Cardenas, Jimmy Conrad, Michael Harrington, Aaron Hohlbein, Jonathan Leathers, Rauwshan McKenzie, Chance Myers, Ofori Sarkodie (Pablo Escobar is not listed yet)
Midfielder: Davy Arnaud, Stephane Auvray,
Alexei Casian, Roger Espinoza, Mauro Fuzetti, Eric Gehrig, Santiago Hirsig, Jack Jewsbury, Igor Kostrov, Michael Kraus, Kurt Morsink, Nelson Pizarro, Ryan Smith, Kevin Souter, Lance Watson, Graham Zusi
Forward: Kyle Brown, Teal Bunbury,
Adam Cristman, Zoltan Hercegfalvi, Kei Kamara, Josh Wolff

And there's always the chance of more trialists joining the team in Arizona, including the "left sided attacking player" that Robb Heineman has mentioned in the past. There's a total of 38 players in camp counting the new player and Escobar, so it'll be interesting to see who makes the final roster.


Reepicheep said...

Hirsig? I thought he left.

No Hartman, that's trouble.

No Lopez, that could be trouble.

Not sure what to think of this roster.

Ron Bishop said...

asemancI'm not sure the Wizards want them back - look at all the keepers that have been in camp.

And while, the keeper is important, I hope the Wizards don't rely on the keeper to keep them in the game so much this year. We have a lot of offensive power trying to make the team. I love watching Lopez play, but I believe (hope) the new offensive will be much more aggressive than last year. Lopez is a smart, patient, and talented player, but the mix might not be there this year.

After last season, no one is irreplaceable. - but what about the giant cable billboard!:)

Ron Bishop said...

"asemanc" - random letters trying to post comment! Was in the wrong text entry box...

Mike said...

The Hirsig stuff was all rumors, those rumors basically died shortly after they first came up, nothing more than random speculation (probably because he went to a Colo-Colo game to see an old friend or something).

Reepicheep said...
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Reepicheep said...

The fact is, without Hartman and Lopez last year, we wouldn't have won 5 of the games we won and 5 of the losses would have been worse.

I certainly don't want to rely on 35yr old plus players, but that was the reality last year. Hopefully this Cristman deal is leading to a good international signing?