Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Interview with Vermes

Today Thad from The Back Post has an interview with Peter Vermes that he's posted over on his blog. Vermes talks about the next phase of preseason, as he calls it, the "team phase", likely working to get all the new players integrated even more into the team and playing as one team. Thad brings up all the trialists that the team has had in camp and Vermes says that some of them have impressed some have not, some have signed, some they're still wanting to look at.

They talk about the team's newer signings, first, second round draft pick, Korede Aiyegubsi, who Vermes likens to Corey Ashe of Houston. Ashe is a hard working player who at times looks extremely impressive for the Dynamo.

He talks about trialists Igor Kostrov and Ryan Smith saying they are interested in both. He says that Kostrov can play on both flanks and is very attacking minded. Smith they are very impressed by and interested in.

Vermes also mentions the Eric Kronberg re-signing, and he'll be competing with the other keepers in camp.

Finally, Thad gets Vermes to speak a little about the collective bargaining agreement and how it affects their work on signing players. Vermes says that it's definitely been difficult but the team has tried to stay within a certain budget, but that it's hard with things still in the air as they are. It's another good interview with good information in it.


Fail Wizards Scouting department said...

This signing of internationals is pathetic. MLS scouting is so sub par. I could easily build a team that would win mls cup within the salary cap. I mean Jimmie Nielsen isnt even the best scanadnavian goalie avaliable. The teams Zoltan was on in Hungary starting goalie is on a free, only 30 and is much more talented than Nielsen. YOu think Vermes woulda looked at him.The best goalie avaliable is Marcos who is Brazialian and played in the portugese ligue last year. Or lokomotiv Moscows back up goalie who would know doubt step into the MLS. Plus, their are better goalies in the scandanavian leagues, who would started for teams that havent been relegated. I have done alot of research on salaries in other leagues, and how similar players have jumped to mls and how all these players would fit in mls salary cap.
Oleg Ivanov (one of the best young a mids in russia, at 23 cold be the a mid wizards have needed since preki).
Vladislav Kulik
Luiz Henrique
Ervin Bulku
Júlio César
Moritz Volz (would be a sure starter former premier leauge and only 26)
Lauren ( not gonna play in premiership anymore but would still be good in MLS)
Sergey Kovalchuk
Edixon Perea (best free transfer in the world now...columbian national team striker only 25... could sign him for Montero money, as he is been capped over 30 times and is better than Montero. Would be worth dp money, would end all Wizards goal scoring problems. The fact that no team in the MLS has looked at this guy is beyond sad.
Isaac Okoronkwo (solid cb from coca cola)
Johnny García (mexican wing back, would get salary like mariono truiljo of chivas USA)
Danny Mathijssen (fron dutch league, would be similar to Van Den Bergh, would be one of best mids in MLS at 26)
Marko Djalovic
Rémo Meyer
Djordje Tutoric
Cèdric Avinel(also from guadulope, salary would be less than Auvray)solid winger

The Russian league is the best league with the same off season as MLS. Igor Simuntinkov came over to the Wizards from the Russian league. The MLS should tap that and other eastern European leagues, because those are the only leagues with the same off season as MLS, and they get paid similar salaries, except for top players on top teams. They have Moldovan trialists, but I was thinkin they need to look at proven eastern European countries like Romania or Ukraine. If the wizards signed Oleg Ivanov and the five other russian players I mentioned, theyd be guranteed to win the league.

Anonymous said...

Do you have salary figures for these players? I asked this before and you didn't answer.

Yes you could build a team with all those players, course you haven't shown that these players would play under the cap, and you also ignore the whole foreign player allotment.