Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kostrov Official

The rumors that the Wizards had signed Moldovan midfielder Igor Kostrov have been around for almost two weeks now. Today, the Star has word that Kostrov has officially signed a four year contract with the team. Kostrov has been with the Wizards since the beginning of preseason. He's sat out the last two preseason games with minor knocks, but is likely to compete for time anywhere in the midfield.

The Star article also talks about new goalkeeper, Jimmy Nielsen, who is set to arrive on Tuesday. Peter Vermes says that Nielsen is still only competing for the starting job and won't be just given it when he arrives. He also says that trialist, Louis Crayton, is leading the charge to become the starter at this point. Also on the topic of Nielsen, Vermes says that they have spent less on Nielsen than the team would have on Kevin Hartman this season. That would mean that either the reports out of Denmark that he was going to be making $235K a season are false, or that Hartman was wanting more than that, which I doubt.

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