Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July Player of the Month

July is almost over, but the Wizards don't have another game until August. In the month of July, the Wizards went 1-0-3 in league. Add in a win and a draw in the US Open Cup and the Wizards were undefeated with a 2-0-4 record in the month of July. Unlike June, there are plenty of people with stats and play this month that could be considered for the Player of the Month award. Here are the candidates I considered.

Claudio Lopez - The Wizards DP had 2 assists in league play, but added another goal and assist to his total in the US Open Cup. Combine that with his continued play on the field and it's been a productive month.

Davy Arnaud - Arnaud had a goal and an assist in the month of July, and has returned to his regular high energy play that we came to expect from him before his off season surgery.

Jack Jewsbury - Jewsbury had two assists against the Crew, and while had some trouble defensively as well, has helped the Wizards go undefeated since he moved to right back. His work on Sunday night helping to shut down Blanco solidified his position as a candidate.

Kurt Morsink - Morsink has been one of the fans punching bags this season, but his play in the month of July has started to change people's minds. He's been more composed in the midfield and has picked up 2 assists. Along with that, he had a secondary assist taken away and another ball set up the own goal against Columbus.

This month I'm giving the award to...photo courtesy Thad Bell

Morsink has come into his own this month. He's been composed in the central midfield and even started to cut back on the cards. In fact, his godding got Blanco his yellow card that will see him suspended for their next game. While I can see a case made for any of the 4 guys I've listed, I'm going to give this one to Morsink.

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