Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Games for the Wizards

In the past I've looked at this website to find preseason games the Wizards are playing, I was checking the website today and noticed there are more games than we had known about. Here is a list of the new games added to the schedule. All the opponents are TBA at this point.

3/11 (Thursday) 7pm at Community America Ballpark
3/16 (Tuesday) 7pm at Community America Ballpark
3/20 (Saturday) 2pm at Swope
3/24 (Wednesday) 10am at Community America Ballpark
3/31 (Wednesday) 10 am at Swope
4/3 (Saturday) 7pm TBD
4/7 (Wednesday) 10 am at Swope
4/14 (Wednesday) 10 am at Swope
4/21 (Wednesday) 10 am at Swope
4/28 (Wednesday) 10 am at Swope

The rumors of the home and home with AC St. Louis are still around, some people are saying the Wizards home leg would be March 20th, some are saying it'll be April 3rd. If this information is correct, it'd appear that March 20th would be the home game while April 3rd would be the Wizards away game in the series. Although the two evening games during the week at CAB could be the home leg as well. The majority of the rest of the games are likely Swope Park Rangers games, especially the ones at 10 am on Wednesday, one of those is likely a game against Baker.

This site isn't always 100% accurate so don't take it as the word of god, but something to think about and look into, especially if you're wanting to go to St. Louis for the home-home series.


Ron Bishop said...

Don't know if it's accurate, but UMKC Men's Soccer play The Wizards on March 17th at 10AM in Swope Park according to the UMKC Schedule

Ron Bishop said...

I would doubt the Wizards would play a game at CAB before the 27th. They've made a pretty big deal of the "home opener" vs. DC United and Curt Onalfo - but sometimes there is a "by the seat of the pants" feel to some Wizards stuff.

Mike said...

thanks for the link, as I said, the site isn't always 100% accurate.

While they're billing it as the "home opener" that doesn't mean it's not if we host ACSTL there. And it still could be the home opener if we play ACSTL at home in April...