Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Strike...... Yet

There was no new extension to the CBA negotiations between MLS and the Players' Union today as the dead line is at midnight tonight. Still, without a deal being reached, there will be no strike, at least not yet. The League has already stated that they wouldn't be locking the players out, but they restated that again today saying; "We have told the union that the league does not plan to lock out the players and we are prepared to begin the season under the current CBA while we continue to bargain to reach agreement on a new CBA."

The Players' Union has responded to the lack of a new deal as well saying; "We have advised our players to keep working for the time being, but as of Friday they will be doing so without a CBA." In the same statement the MLSPU says that they are still working to make changes to the way MLS does things.

I still don't know how much change the MLSPU will get, the owners seem dead set against giving into the union's biggest demand, free agency. Former Wizards goalkeeper, Kevin Hartman has become one of the poster boys for this with the Wizards moving on from him, but still holding his rights since they offered him a contract. Although some of the players quotes are a little out there. For instance, Chris Klein's quote that Hartman is "out of options," which simply isn't true. Unlike the NFL, MLB, or other leagues, there are plenty of other leagues players can go to to play, including ones in the US. Hartman could pull a Steve Ralston and play in the USSF division 2, Hartman could likely get a similar contract as Ralston did.


Reepicheep said...

I hear you Mike, but making the leagues most accomplished goalie play in the USSF? It just makes MLS look bad with its relative disrespect of veterans. I don't think MLS can afford to allow unrestricted free agency, but they can certainly make exceptions that help veteran players like Hartman.

Anonymous said...

In that same comment though, reepicheep, the veteran players can't expect to just continue along making what they made at the peak of their careers. Garcia is a great example from that article, he talks about not knowing what to do since the last two years of his contract or not guaranteed.