Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wizards After Ghanaian Midfielder

That's the word out of Holland today. The Wizards are apparently after Ghanaian midfielder, Anthony Obodai. From what I've been able to find, Obodai is a defensive midfielder. Obodai has been playing his entire professional career in Holland after starting his career in his native Ghana. He's appeared for the full Ghanaian national team as well as their youth teams. From what I've been able to find, it would be a 4-5 month loan until Obodai's contract is up, at which time the Wizards could get him on free transfer. Other websites I've found though are also linking him to a move to Romania and a former coach who is coaching there now. Peter Vermes continues to bring in plenty of players attempting to stir things up and see who will fit in.

It's been pointed out that according to Obodai's Facebook, the move to KC is on.


Could the Wizards not fail??? said...

Finally, a decent signing. This is the kinda signing they should been looking to make all along. Pair him up with Danny Mathijessen who also was a starter in the dutch league for Willem II, who is on a free now. And we'd have the most smoothly run midfield in MLS. I attribute this signing to me and my wizards fail post.

Anonymous said...

Why get that Mathijessen when we already have Auvray and even Hirsig. We have plenty of d-mids already.