Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Even More Roster Updates

Thad over at The Back Post has provided even more roster updates on the Wizards. First he says that Igor Kostrov has not signed a contract yet, he says that Kostrov has been offered a contract, but at this point has not signed it yet although it is expected he will sign it.

The other news is that Wizards back up goalkeeper the past few seasons, Eric Kronberg has re-signed with the Wizards and is now participating in camp. Kronberg missed all of the 09 season spending it on injured reserve after having offseason shoulder surgery after the 08 season. Kronberg now becomes the favorite to be the teams back up keeper and push Jimmy Nielsen for the starting spot. During the 08 season, Kronberg was impressive at times filling in for Kevin Hartman during the Wizards Open Cup run that year. The highlight being a very strong performance in the Wizards penalty kick loss to Seattle in the quarterfinals. I'm excited to have Kronberg back, I hope he's coming in ready and can push Nielsen.

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