Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Transfer Fee Paid for Nielsen

That's the report from Soccer America in an article about Kevin Hartman being left in limbo. According to the article, the Wizards paid a small transfer fee for Jimmy Nielsen to bring him to KC. The article also says that Nielsen will make slightly less than Hartman did last season ($165K). The fact that we paid a transfer fee for a goalkeeper that will take up an international spot continues to bug me. Maybe Nielsen will impress me, but right now I'm fairly disappointed in the fact that not only is he taking up an international roster spot, but now the new information that we actually spent a transfer fee to bring him here. In a league like MLS where teams (read the league) rarely, if ever, pay a transfer fee on a player it's extremely odd that the Wizards did it to bring in a goalkeeper.


Reepicheep said...

This is crazy. I sincerely hope Casino Jimmy is absolutely dazzling. He needs to be.

MOUFWASH said...

outside the international spot this doesnt bother me

small tranfer fee could be like 3K, who knows

safe to say the keepers at camp were not impressing

I do like that he is a bit taller than El Gato

Taco Jphn said...

therye are so many better goal keepers on frees that sad... i dont mind using a spot on a goalie cause MLS goalies suck,snaz Keller,and all the good goalies are in europe, but they were better goalies from Scandanaia and Russia available.

Karrott said...

We all know this turned out to be a great acquisition!