Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gil to Salt Lake

Luis' Gil in Kansas City was not long at all. Today the Wizards announced that they had traded Gil to Real Salt Lake in exchange for a second round draft pick, an international slot, and a portion of any future transfer fee. According to Robb Heineman via twitter today, he was unable to speak with Gil and attempt to convince him to come to KC, so the team worked out a deal with Salt Lake. And in my opinion, KC got a pretty good deal out of the trade.

KC gets an international slot that the team most definitely needs with the number of internationals the team has in camp. This gives the team 10 international slots, of which they seem likely to fill most, if not all of them. Currently the team has five internationals (Stephane Auvray, Pablo Escobar, Zoltan Hercegfalvi, Santiago Hirsig, and Jimmy Nielsen), and with Igor Kostrov being offered a contract he seems likely to be number six. Add in second round draft pick, Korede Aiyegbusi who I believe will count as an international, and Ryan Smith, and we're up to eight internationals. The second round pick is the lower of Salt Lake's two second round picks, and a nice little bit thrown into the deal.

My favorite part personally of this deal is the team getting a portion of Gil's future transfer fee. The Wizards are saying it is 25% of a future transfer fee. Based on my understanding of MLS' rules regarding transfers, it likely means that KC will get 25% of the two thirds that Real Salt Lake gets for a player transfer. Basically what that means if I have my math right is that the Wizards will get about a sixth of the total transfer fee that RSL will get for Gil. This is a smart deal in my opinion, if Gil develops like people think and hope it could be a nice portion that the Wizards could end up getting.

Overall while I got my hopes up a little bit yesterday when Heineman talked about keeping Gil in KC, I figured that we would end up trading him. I'd worried that KC would get a raw deal in a trade, but I'm happy with this move, I like what we've gotten out of this deal.

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MOUFWASH said...

we got a good deal out of this, its likely going to just be a 2nd round pick and a International spot, but in the event that this kid blows up (not my prediction from the limited times i have seen him) then we get some money for the year or two of production he would have provided to the MLS at the best