Friday, February 19, 2010

Mr. Ficklin, the Doubt is Gone

Since the announcement that the Wizards were going to build their stadium out at the Legends I've personally still held a bit of skepticism about the move. I haven't hid my feelings that I'll still have my doubts until I start seeing concrete poured and the stadium go up. I've even had the Wizards front office give me trouble about it, including the Wizards Vice President of Development, who jokingly asked me on the day of the ground breaking whether this was enough for me. At the time I responded back the same way I have for a while, that I'll feel good about it once concrete has been poured. I felt I had a right to be nervous about the development, I mean I'd seen the Wizards already tear down Bannister Mall expecting the stadium to go there, so who should seeing some dirt move at another site impress me that much?

Today according to Thad at The Back Post, we find out that concrete has been poured. With this news comes the title of the post tonight. I can officially say my doubt is basically gone, and that we will be seeing the stadium actually built out at the Legends site.

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David Ficklin said...

We're sorry it took so long Mike. But it wasn't from a lack of trying. I promise your patience will be rewarded many times over when we open the first Authentic American Soccer Stadium next summer!