Monday, February 22, 2010

Wizards Win Gil Lottery

Earlier today the Wizards won the allocation lottery for US U-17 player, Luis Gil. The rumor heading into the lottery was that whoever won the lottery was likely going to be sending the player to either Seattle or Salt Lake. Well the Wizards aren't quite ready to give up on the possibility of getting Gil, as Robb Heineman posted today he wants to speak with Gil and his family and try and convince Gil to stay in KC. The team is hoping to convince him with the organization, the team's training facility at Swope and the new stadium that is coming. Even though Gil hadn't mentioned the Wizards as one of the teams he wanted to go to, I like the fact that the team is trying to convince Gil to stay. Whether he succeeds or not will decide what happens with Gil.

If the Wizards can't convince him to come to KC, it becomes an issue of what KC can get out of RSL, Seattle, or any other team looking to get Gil. The question is what KC can get from another team? Gil was expected to be a first round pick in this year's MLS draft, so hoping to get something similar isn't beyond the realm of possibility. With Seattle and Salt Lake being mentioned as the two locations, it seems likely that they want him to be there, so the thought that they can extort the Wizards (or vice versa) is misplaced. If the Wizards ask too much or other teams offer too little, we could have a situation similar to the Brian McBride situation where the Wizards hold onto the player until the league steps in to help make a deal happen. Some thoughts are that the Wizards could trade with Salt Lake and get former US U-20 international, Sheanon Williams who has been without a club since leaving UNC last fall.

Me, I'm still thinking the Wizards would be happy with an international roster spot and some allocation money. With the number of internationals inn camp, on the team, or potentially joining, KC is likely going to need another international spot. Can KC get that out of Seattle or Salt Lake? That I'm not sure of.


Phillip said...

Williams is just in camp with RSL. He's got to go through the same lottery as Gil.

MOUFWASH said...

No reason for the Wizards to do anyone favors, hope they deal hard in this if they can't convience him to stay. Frankly a first round pick plus money probably isnt enough for us considering his his age and ceiling.

Deal hard, if a teams wants him, make them pay for it; he signed the MLS contact and everything that comes with it, he decided to go pro..

Reepicheep said...

Deal hard, but definitely deal. There's no way a 16 year old is of any real use for a couple of years.