Sunday, February 14, 2010

Podcast Number 4

Friday night, Thad and I recorded our 4th podcast, we're trying out a name, "The Game, Set, Match Report", which most Wizards fans should understand if you've watched the Wizards on MetroSports, so let us know what you think of the name, whether we should keep it or dump it and try something else. To listen to the full podcast, click the download button and that will let you hear the full 45 minute (more or less) podcast.

Topics of discussion this week, were the preseason games the team has had so far, the roster moves the team has done up to this point, including the Adam Cristman trade, Rauwshan McKenzie getting cut, and the Jimmy Nielsen signing. We also touched on the collective bargaining agreement, and the return of my "stalker" update. Enjoy and please let us know what you guys think.


Ted Dansen said...

these trialists are ridiculous when they a great free agents out there. the russian league is also on break and they have free agents at the same time as the MLS. MLS should look at Russian and scandanavian league players.
I have a list of the best free agents the wizards have choked on.
Oleg Ivanov
Vladislav Kulik
Luiz Henrique
Ervin Bulku
Júlio César
Moritz Volz
Sergey Kovalchuk
Edixon Perea (best free transfer in the world now...columbian national team striker only 25... would dominate in MLS like other colombians)
Isaac Okoronkwo
Johnny García
Danny Mathijssen
Marko Djalovic
Rémo Meyer
Djordje Tutoric
Cèdric Avinel
How mls and KC miss out on these players who are easily in their price range and all would do for teams what non dp signings Monetro and Hurtado did for Seattle is beyond be. MLS scouting is so inept compared to other leagues similar to it Australia and Japan, it is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure they're in MLS's price range? Do you represent all these players and know what they'd want salary wise?