Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weekly Player Interview

Thad has this week's player interview with Kerry Zavagnin up on his website. He also has an interview up with last week's winner of the player interview poll, Tyson Wahl.

With Zavagnin, Thad talks with him about the playoff chances for the Wizards, talking about the recent recovery of the team to get back into the playoff chase. In regards to his last home regular season game, he talks about his chances of playing and his recovery from an injury that's been nagging him. Zavagnin also touches on the fact again that he wants to coach, although he hasn't had any conversations on becoming a coach anywhere specific yet. He also takes time to thank the fans for their support of him the past 9 years in KC.

With Wahl, Thad talks with Wahl about having to mark up on Blanco a fw weeks ago and then having to mark Taylor Twellman this past week. Along with a look into marking up Scott Sealy on Saturday. He also talks about the competition between him and Aaron Hohlbein. As always it's good stuff from Thad in his interviews with the players.

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Karen said...

Interesting. Thanks for posting!