Friday, October 03, 2008

Practice Confrontation

Thad checks in with his write up from the press conference yesterday, as well as a report from practice today. As Thad says in his write up, the big news is the fact that today out at practice there was a disagreement between Coach Onalfo and midfielder, Carlos Marinelli. The disagreement got the attention of the staff and people watching practice. Other players tried to hold Marinelli back and move him away from the situation. Whatever was the cause of the confrontation was big enough that Marinelli left practice early.

This is definitely some interesting news, and definitely makes you wonder what the disagreement was over. Either way, it doesn't help the case for Marinelli to stay in KC next year. He was already on my list of players that wouldn't be back next year due to the fact that he just can't remaining healthy, but this disagreement basically clinches that fact for me. The question now will be how serious it really was, and if it was really serious, will we see Marinelli ever again?

The other news was from yesterdays press conference, where Onalfo said that the Wizards designated player, who has come off the bench the last 3 games, is out for this Sunday's game against Chicago due to a hurt ankle.


Reepicheep said...

Argentina just doesn't mesh with the Wizards it seems.

TPB said...

Just to clarify, the press conference was today. They practiced at CAB yesterday and had their normal weekly full scrimmage at CAB but I was not able to make it there.

Anonymous said...

any updates? where there any questions in the conference about the argument. MLS style soccer is very different then south-american game. I really don't blame them for bringing them, they both are talented players but I hope the lesson was learned

Mike said...

No update, on the situation, I'd bet that he won't be playing this weekend at the least.

Thad made no mention of it being brought up in the press conference, so I'd assume it wasn't asked.