Monday, October 13, 2008

Wizards Can Clinch Playoff Spot this Week

With some help this week, the Wizards can clinch a playoff spot for the second straight year. To get into the playoffs, the most important thing for the Wizards is to win Saturday against San Jose. That's not all that has to happen, though, as the Wizards will need some help from other results to get into the playoffs.

A win against San Jose, would give the Wizards 39 points, which would keep the Quakes, LA, and Toronto FC from catching the Wizards. That would leave Real Salt Lake, New York, Colorado, DC, and Dallas. Salt Lake and Dallas play this weekend, a win by RSL would give them 39 points. Should Colorado fail to get all 3 points against Chivas, that would give RSL the 3rd position in the West, eliminating them from the wild card race. Those results would also keep Dallas and Colorado from catching the Wizards on 39 points. That would leave New York and DC left to challenge the Wizards for a playoff spot. Should DC fail to win on Thursday night against New England, while the Wizards win on Saturday, DC can not catch the Wizards and they'd be in the playoffs.

Here's a break down of a "worst case scenario" for the Wizards to get into the playoffs this week, courtesy of bigsoccer.

We beat San Jose, putting us at 39 points.
Chivas ties Colorado, putting them at 35 points.
RSL beats Dallas, putting them at 39 points, and with the prior result, secures a playoff spot, taking the 3rd guaranteed West slot.
DC United ties Columbus, putting them at 35 points.
NY wins, putting them at 39.

That would make the standings for the final two playoff spots looking like this:
KC - 39
NY - 39
DC - 35
DAL - 35
COL - 35

With only 1 game left, and 4 points separating DC, Dallas, and Colorado from KC, they playoffs would await. Let's hope the results continue to go our way this week, and for once, the Wizards can have the last game of the season not be do or die.

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