Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Interviews with the Wizards

Thad over at The Back Post has two interviews posted the last two days. The first interview that he got posted yesterday was an interview with Wizards open tryout participant, Kevin Souter, including a nickname, "Soapy" from a Scottish cartoon called Oor Wullie. It's a really good interview including some good information on Souter's home town as well.

The second interview that Thad did was an interview with Wizards technical director, Peter Vermes. This was Thad's second interview with Vermes, and includes information on the two jobs that Vermes turned down, including the fact that turning down the job with the Galaxy, he also turned down the chance to be director of soccer operations for all of AEG. It's a fairly candid interview with Vermes giving some good information about the team and the job offerings.

Enjoy both interviews.

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