Friday, October 10, 2008

Player Interviews from the Past Two Weeks

Thad at The Back Post has the past two weeks of player interviews up. Last week's interview with Eric Kronberg was delayed because the interview last week had bad sound quality. As you'd expect, Kronberg wants to be the starter, and from seeing his performance this year in a few of the US Open Cup games, I certainly think he's a guy that can start for us. He's also definitely learning from having Kevin Hartman in front of him.

This week's interview was supposed to be with Tyson Wahl, but Thad missed him this week. He did get an interview with this week's runner up, Michael Harrington. Harrington talks about the handball that led to the PK being called last week. He also talks about the job of marking Blanco this past weekend against the Fire. Thad brings up the Setanta article that had Harrington as one of the MLS players that could make the jump to Europe. Currently, though, Harrington's content to play in MLS.

Check them both out.

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