Friday, October 10, 2008

Onalfo Interview

Thad from The Back Post has put up an interview that he got yesterday with Wizards head coach, Curt Onalfo. Overall, it's a good interview, with some insight into the team for this weekend's game, along with an update on the situation with Carlos Marinelli. With regards to the lineup, Onalfo says that he's going to go with something very similar to the lineup the team put out last week against Chicago, and similar to the last 4 games. I don't expect any changes from the starting lineup against Chicago, so we'll see if we see the same starting 11 tomorrow.

As for the Marinelli situation, as Thad mentions in the interview, Marinelli has not been back out at practice since the situation took place. Coach plays it off as two passionate people getting into it with each other. He mentions that Marinelli has some personal issues that he has to work through though. In the end, no big revelation, but that wasn't to be expected. The fact that Thad even got an answer at all to the question is kind of amazing, considering what it was. Still, I don't know many people that expect Marinelli back next year, especially after the situation last week.

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