Monday, October 13, 2008

This Week's Player Interview

The Wizards get the 1-0 win over the Revolution and give their playoff hopes a big boost. Time to decide who should be interviewed by Thad at The Back Post this week. Here are this week's nominees.

Jimmy Conrad - Captain Kansas City has been a rock for the Wizards this year, playing every minute, the Wizards leading scorer, and anchoring a young back line that is tied for the league lead in shutouts with 10. Scores the winner on the weekend.
Kevin Hartman - Behind Conrad, has had a very good season in net for the Wizards, adding to his MLS record shutouts this season with another strong performance against the Revolution.
Kerry Zavagnin - Zavagnin is getting ready to play his last regular season home game as a player for the Wizards.

Remember to post your questions in the comments section either here or over on The Back Post. Please keep them considerate.

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