Friday, October 24, 2008

Wizards Closing Out Season

The Wizards will end the regular season tomorrow night in New England, as they take on the Revolution. After last night's loss by New York, this game means a lot less than it did at one time. Instead of this being a battle for a playoff spot vs home field advantage, this game has become much less. The only thing still to play for, is whether the Wizards will take on Columbus or Houston in the first round. With a win, the Wizards will guarantee themselves a match up with the Crew. A loss or a draw, and the Wizards have to wait and see if DC United can pull out a win over the Crew.

The lineup is likely to be very similar to that which we saw last week against San Jose, especially with Josh Wolff out. It seems unlikely that Coach Onalfo will make any changes to that lineup, even though the Wizards have clinched.
Leathers - Conrad - Wahl - Harrington
Gomez - Arnaud - Souter
Lopez - Thompson

PREDICTION - Even though there is little to play for tomorrow, the Wizards do have more to play for than the Revolution. The Wizards also have momentum on their side, as of the two sides, it's the Revolution who appear to be in free fall right now heading into the playoffs. The thing working against the Wizards is their extremely poor road play this season, with only 1 win, that coming in their first road game of the season. But here's to ending the season on a high note.

KC - 2 (Lopez, Arnaud)
NE - 1 (Twellman)

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