Friday, October 17, 2008

Wizards Close Out Home Season

The Wizards close out the home portion of their regular season tomorrow night at Community America Ballpark against the San Jose Earthquakes. And it'll have big implications for the Wizards and their playoff chances. After last night's win by DC United, the Wizards are now holding onto the 8th and final playoff spot. San Jose lost on Wednesday to Houston and is all but eliminated from the playoff race, so the Quakes have the chance to play spoilers tomorrow night. A win by KC will give them a much better shot at the playoffs.

We'll be seeing a few former Wizards tomorrow night, as Scott Sealy and Nick Garcia return to KC for the first time. The Cauldron has plans to honor Garcia for his time in KC much like what was done for Diego Gutierrez and Chris Klein. The Wizards are going to likely go with the same exact lineup they went with on Saturday against New England. The only times this lineup has changed in the last 6 games was due to Jack Jewsbury's suspension, and inserting Kevin Souter for Roger Espinoza. The one worry is Josh Wolff who is on the injury report, and was sitting out practice.
Leathers - Conrad - Wahl - Harrington
Gomez - Arnaud - Souter
Wolff - Thompson

PREDICTION - The Wizards need to get this result. A win here is needed to keep the pace the team has been on and to get those extra 3 points that will keep the Wizards ahead of teams like Colorado and Dallas that are currently outside the playoffs.

KC - 2 (Wolff, Conrad)
SJ - 0

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