Thursday, October 20, 2011

What We Want to Happen Today 10/20

Portland and DC tied last night, ending DC United's playoff hopes before KC comes to town this weekend. That could possibly make them even more dangerous as a team that can play without pressure (think of KC vs San Jose to close out last season). But tonight there is another game with playoff implications for KC as New York and Philadelphia play in New York. KC has to equal or better the result of the Union to make sure that they finish ahead of Philadelphia in the playoff seeding for the Eastern Conference.

New York - Philadelphia

What we want to happen:

A tie may seem like a surprise when it'd be better for us to want Philadelphia to lose meaning we'd only need to draw DC, but here's why. New York clinches the final playoff spot with a win, eliminating Chicago and Portland. Chicago hosts Columbus this weekend in their home finale. And Columbus is a point behind KC right now in the East. I want Chicago to be fighting tooth and nail to get a result to keep their (very) slim playoff hopes alive. So a draw in New York tonight keeps Chicago alive long enough to make sure they have something to fight for in their finale vs the Crew. The result would require KC to win or draw with DC on Saturday to guarantee that they finish ahead of the Union, but that certainly can be done.


Unknown said...

While I would LOVE to see KC win the east, I would love more to see New York booted out of the playoffs.

Jeremy Rowe said...

I know I'm probably reading this and the table wrong, but wouldn't a tie by New York tonight eliminate Chicago? Meaning they wouldn't fight Columbus?

Mike said...

Jeremy, yes, blame early morning tiredness I screwed up the standings, Chicago can NOT catch New York if New York ties, so we want a New York win tonight.

Anonymous said...

What I wanted to happen, did! A Sporting draw now guarantees us 2nd! Pessimistic, boy. Good luck yellow-bellies.