Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Kamara Heading to South Africa

photo courtesy of Jarred Donalson

Earlier today I posted about Kei Kamara's international situation, his suspension by the Sierra Leone FA and subsequently being invited to the game in South Africa even though he was suspended. Well Kamara is headed to South Africa to job his national team for their African Cup of Nations qualifier. Kamara left immediately after practice today headed for the airport to fly to Atlanta and then on to Johannesburg, South Africa for the game on Saturday. Kamara has not had too many kind words about the Sierra Leone FA lately, but today posted that he was "doing it for Sierra Leone and all the people that believe in us." Kamara's call up could be in part due to the words of Sierra Leone national team coach, Lars Olof Mattsson, who said that Kamara is vital to Sierra Leone's qualification hopes. Sierra Leone can qualify for the African Cup of Nations on Saturday, they first need to defeat South Africa. They'll also need either Egypt to beat or tie Niger at home, or they need help from other groups to try and become one of the top two second place teams.

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