Monday, October 17, 2011

Waltman Called Up to US Futsal Team

The new Missouri Comets season is less than a month away at this point. The team is preparing for the season, and one thing that has changed is the number of teams. The Chicago team is no longer looking like it'll be in the league. The team's schedule has no reference to the Chicago team that was mentioned in previous releases by the league. Which turns the Midwestern conference into a 3 team conference with Wichita, Milwaukee, and Missouri remaining. Certainly not a good thing for the league that they're losing a team after the league put the schedule out.

In happier news, Comets goalkeeper, Danny Waltman has been called up to for the US national futsal team. The team is in Brazil for the Grand Prix of Futsal this week. The US team opened the competition yesterday against Uruguay. They take on Iran tonight and then tomorrow play Belgium. Good luck to Waltman and the US team.

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