Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Kamara's International Situation

photo courtesy of Jarred Donalson

Last week when Sporting KC announced that 5 players would be representing their respective national teams in games this coming weekend, one name was absent from the list of players, Sierra Leone striker, Kei Kamara. Sierra Leone play a must win qualifier in South Africa against the Bafana Bafana on Saturday. With Kamara having starting the last few games it was an interesting omission from the team. At the time of the announcements Kamara posted this on Twitter saying he had received an invitation from the FA to come join the team for the game but he said that it also meant he's suspended.

According to this article, Kamara had been suspended by the SLFA for misbehavior during the Leone Stars last game when they defeated Egypt 2-1. Apparently Kamara was suspended because he asked for the money that he was supposed to receive. The news was broken by J.S. Kelfala, the VP of the SLFA, but Kamara said in the story that he has never received any official confirmation of the suspension from the FA. In fact, last night on Twitter, Kamara posted that now apparently the Sierra Leone FA want Kamara to fly to South Africa, arriving on Friday to play in the game on Saturday. Previously Kamara had said how poorly run the SLFA was, that got him suspended last year from the team. From reading about this situation I'm not sure many people can disagree that the SLFA seems to be a very poorly run FA, not able to decide if a player is suspended, never sending the suspension in writing or informing them directly, and then trying desperately to get the suspended player to the game.


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