Friday, October 14, 2011

What We Want to Happen 10/14

Sporting KC got the results that they wanted out of the games on Wednesday. Hopefully that string continues tonight when there are two more MLS games. One has more importance on KC's standing than the other but they both still have some significance to KC's potential playoff seeding.

Colorado vs Real Salt Lake

What we want to happen:
RSL win.

KC can technically still catch RSL on points, but with RSL currently in the 3rd West spot, it's not that big of a deal for KC. Should KC fall into a wild card spot they'll likely end up competing with the Rapids, who they are currently tied with points with at 45. So the Rapids not picking up points can help KC's potential seeding if they should stumble and fall out of the top 3 in the East.

Portland vs Houston

What we want to happen:

Arguments on this game could easily go with any of the 3 potential results. A Portland loss would make it harder for them to catch KC for a playoff spot with them only having 2 games left and 5 points back of KC. But that would also push Houston up past KC and into second place in the Eastern Conference, knocking KC to 3rd. A Houston loss would give KC some potential breathing room on the Dynamo, but would allow Portland to creep closer to KC's point total and again if KC stumbles out of a top 3 spot that could be trouble. So I'm going with the draw, it doesn't really allow either team to gain too much ground. It's also still fulfills the second domino that could see KC clinch a top 3 spot this weekend with a win over New York.


Anonymous said...

I like how you've already written off our chances of making the conference top 3. Also an Arsenal fan?

Jon Alan Schmidt said...

Read a little more closely. He notes at the end that a Houston-Portland draw, combined with an SKC victory over New York, actually clinches a top-3 spot for SKC. The other comments are nothing more than hedging our bets in case SKC does not beat the Red Bulls.


Personally, i'm rooting hard for RSL to lose all their remaining games...and of course Sporting to win out. That would put us both on 51 pts and we hold the head to head tie-breaker (and would then have GD advantage althought i dont think it would matter). The thinking is if for some horrible reason we didnt make it to the cup (and assuming either LA or seattle did) then we would get the last CCL spot with the east champ getting the third. Yes it's a stretch, but if we are going to be hedging bets, this gets us a pretty cool consolation prize. Mike you need to confirm that this is all correct...But it wont be necessary as #IBELIEVETHATWEWILLWIN the MLS Cup baby!

Mike said...

Thank you aletheist, I was just covering bases of what happens IF we fall into a wild card spot.

IBELIEVE, yes if KC finished ahead of RSL on points they would be in line for a CCL spot if LA or Seattle make MLS Cup

Ryan said...

how are the champions league spots awarded?

Mike said...


SS winner, USOC winner, and MLS Cup finalists. If any are duplicate it goes to the team with the next best record in league play.