Sunday, October 02, 2011

What We Want to Happen Today

Well Sporting KC got some help that they needed yesterday. The Houston-Chicago draw meant that KC would end the day atop the Eastern Conference. That result combined with KC's draw also means that Chicago will have to win their final 3 games while KC doesn't gain another point for the Fire to pass KC. Toronto almost helped KC out as well nearly getting a win over New York, but they kept New York to a tie which still helps KC out a bit.

Here's a look at what KC wants out of the games today.

Columbus vs DC

What we want to happen
: Tie

Since KC didn't win last night they can't clinch a playoff spot this weekend. Even if they had I'd still want a draw out of this game. Qualifying for the playoffs is fine but we didn't want DC pulling even closer to us. Keeping a top 3 spot (especially a top 2 spot) is extremely important come playoff time. So a draw in this game that doesn't allow either team to really close the gap is big, especially with DC having 3 games in hand at this time.

Vancouver vs Portland

What we want to happen
: Vancouver win

As with the Columbus-DC game, this game can't get KC into the playoffs any more. But a win by Vancouver puts the Timbers in the same category as Chicago, needing to win out while KC loses out for them to pass KC. Really the Timbers are going to need a lot of results to get past KC, but instead of worrying about it, just hope Vancouver wins in their first game at their permanent home.

Chivas USA vs Philadelphia

What we want to happen
: Chivas win

A win by Chivas USA keeps KC in first place in the East through the end of the weekend. The Union currently have 2 games in hand on KC so them dropping points on the road would be big for KC in keeping a top 3 spot. A win by the Union puts them past KC and into first place in the East. Philadelphia's last 3 games see them travel to Seattle, host Toronto, and then play in New York. KC needs some help from Chivas to take points off the Union.

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hartley said...

Mike, man, maybe you better quit talking about what we want to have happen. It keeps going sour. ; )

No worries, dude. Keep up the good work.