Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What We Want to Happen Today 10/12

MLS action kicks back up today with 2 games, both of which could have big implications on Kansas City and qualifying for the playoffs. There's a way this weekend that KC could clinch a top 3 spot in the East, so shooting for that seems a good place to start.

Chicago vs Dallas

What we want to happen:
Dallas win or draw.

Either of those two results will keep Chicago from being able to catch us and put KC one step closer to qualification. Seems pretty straight forward enough, but with Chicago being at home and Dallas being without Brek Shea, things could be a little tough for them. But with Chicago seeming to get a ton of draws this season that doesn't seem out of the question tonight.

Vancouver vs DC

What we want to happen:
Vancouver win

A draw here doesn't hurt KC too much either, but a win by Vancouver would be better for the "clinch top 3 spot" scenario. A Vancouver win combined with a KC win on Saturday will keep DC from being able to catch KC on points. A draw combined with a KC win would put DC's max points on 48, the same number KC would have heading into their match up in the final week. With KC already holding a lead in the head-to-head, goal difference could come into play if DC were to win on the weekend and again in midweek vs Portland, and KC currently is +7 compared to DC's 0.

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