Saturday, October 15, 2011

What We Want to Happen Today 10/15

Well last night didn't exactly go the way that KC wanted it to go. The big result that went the wrong way was the Houston Dynamo pulling off only their second away win of the season, beating Portland at Jeld-Wen field 2-0. The win put Houston into second place in the Eastern Conference, ahead of Kansas City. That result makes today even a bigger must win for KC today against New York. But other than KC needing a win today, what else does KC want to happen in the games today? See below.

Toronto - Philadelphia

What we want to happen:
Toronto win

A Toronto win keeps the Eastern Conference tight and keeps Philadelphia within striking distance of Kansas City for them to try to get the top spot in the East. A win by Philly doesn't eliminate KC from winning the East, but it does make it a more difficult task for Kansas City.

DC - Chicago

What we want to happen
: Chicago win

The Fire can no longer catch Kansas City, but DC can still move past KC if they win out and KC doesn't pick up more than a point. So we actually don't want to win subs today. It'll be a tough ask for the Fire though with 3 first team players (including two defenders) out due to suspensions, along with the return of Dwayne De Rosario.

New England - Columbus

What we want to happen:
New England win

A win by New England keeps the Crew in KC's rear view mirror, in fact, it'll guarantee that KC finishes ahead of the Crew if KC can also pull off a win against New York. A draw could possibly be enough as well based off of the goal difference between KC (at least +8 with a win today) and Columbus (-3 with a draw today). A loss by the Crew here with a win by KC guarantees a top 3 spot for the Wizards so we want the Revs to win in their home finale.

Dallas - Vancouver

What we want to happen:
Vancouver win

Really this game doesn't matter much to KC. To pass Dallas to become the top wild card team this year would require KC to win out. But should KC win out they'll be guaranteed a top 3 spot in the Eastern Conference. So there's nothing that can be done for KC to finish above Dallas should the Wizards fall into a wild card spot. But let's go with the underdog Whitecaps in this one.

Seattle - San Jose

What we want to happen:
San Jose win

This game means absolutely nothing to KC, Seattle clinched second in the West, San Jose is eliminated. But no one will bitch to me because I want Seattle to lose I don't think.

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