Saturday, October 01, 2011

What We Want to Happen Today

A Saturday full of MLS matches today as there are 6 games today. Not counting KC's game tonight against San Jose, 3 of those games are ones to really watch when it comes to KC's playoff qualification attempts. Houston host Chicago, Toronto host New York, New England host Seattle, Colorado host Dallas, and LA host RSL along with KC's game tonight. Here's how KC would probably like to see these games play out.

Houston vs Chicago

What we want to happen: Tie

This is part one of what KC needs to qualify for the playoffs this weekend. Other than the KC game that's the only one today. But in those other games I likely won't be going for the result that gets KC in. But here I will. A tie is the best for KC, it for the time keeps KC atop the Eastern Conference and will guarantee that Chicago cannot catch KC on points, which is one step to qualification.

Toronto vs New York

What we want to happen: Toronto win.

New York is currently in the 10th and final playoff spot, and is only 5 points back of KC. While Toronto isn't eliminated from the playoffs they can't catch KC, so Toronto getting the win against New York who has a game in hand on KC would give KC the chance to extend their lead over the Red Bulls before they come to LIVESTRONG Sporting Park in KC's next league game.

New England vs Seattle

What we want to happen
: New England win

Really there's not much in this game for KC, Seattle is comfortably in a top 3 spot in the West, KC is unable to catch them on points. And New England can't catch KC on points. But I'd rather see New England win than see Seattle pick up points.

Colorado vs Dallas

What we want to happen:

This game has potential wild card implications for KC both if KC takes first in the East of if they fall to a wild card spot. I almost wanted to go with a Colorado win because if KC takes first in the East I'd prefer a match up with the Rapids over a match up with Dallas if either holds on to the top wild card spot. But I also almost picked Dallas to win because if KC falls into a wild card spot I'd rather that KC get that wild card game at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park and to do that Colorado can't pass KC on points. So I'll go with the draw so neither one comes too close


What we want to happen:
RSL win

LA still has two games against East teams that are fighting for playoff spots (New York and Houston) and while they should have the Supporters' Shield wrapped up by the time they play either team I'd rather have even the illusion that LA could still be fighting for it at that time and possibly help KC.


Yilmaz said...

A Seattle loss + LA win = LA clinching the Supporters Shield, #1 seed, and won't be too concerned about beating NY next week. Just something to keep in mind tonight.

Mike said...

Yeah, I expect the shield to be wrapped up before than, but I can dream.